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Dec 12, 10 10:59 PM
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Dragon Keeper

Alliance Casual RP Guild
Kirin Tor Server

Dragon Keeper is a casual rp guild, which means everyone is welcome to join us, weather you rp or not!

Guild Story

Our story began a long time ago when I first witnessed an epic battle between the orcs and the dragons in the Wetlands. I watched silently as both sides showed each other no mercy, but in the end the orcs were defeated and driven off. 

I saw the queen red dragon Alexstrasza, she lay wounded off in the distance.  When she noticed I was watching, she looked towards an overturned wagon as if she were trying to tell me to go there.  I crept out of my hiding place and slowly walked towards the cart and underneath it I found a single dragon egg.  I gently placed it under my cloak and I returned to my home as quickly as I could. 

That night Alexstrasza came to me in a dream and explained that the orcs had attacked the dragons so they could claim her egg. They wanted to hatch it and raise her young to become the most powerful dragon mount in all the land.  She explained to me that I must to prevent this from happening to keep the Horde from being able to destroy the alliance with the legion of mighty dragon mounts that they would breed from her offspring.

I knew that I could not handle this task alone,  so I created the guild known today as Dragon Keeper.  Together as a team we have managed to protect the egg and when it hatched we defended her offspring until it had grown into an adult dragon and was able to fend for itself. However we weren't able to prevent the orcs from claiming other dragons as their mounts but we did keep the most powerful one from their grasp.

Alexstrasza came to me once again in need of our help, because we now face a new threat.  Her archenemy Deathwing has risen!  She has commanded us to aid her in saving the world from total destruction. We must set off into the world to scout the devestation caused by deathwing's rampage in order to come up with a plan to stop this corrupted evil.

To be continued...

Kirin Tor (RP)
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